Fruit on Film

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I recently collaborated with local, Calgary-based photographer, Meaghan Wozniak, to create a series of film photographs that draw connections between fruit and sexuality. Frankly, the purpose of this shoot was to create something beautiful, yet provocative. You, as the viewer, can feel free to interpret these photos however way you feel. Isn’t that the point of art?


What I love most about these images is the way that an inanimate object, like a papaya, can be personified and sexualized. In nature, fruit is an inherently feminine and sexual object. They bear seeds and provide life; much like women. This photo series is important because it represents some of the larger topics of nudity, beauty and sexualization of women in the media.

In this day and age, we still face censorship and distortion by the media. This photo series shows that anything can be sexualized depending on the context; therefore it is important to evaluate our opinions of nudity in the public sphere.

As a fashion designer I think it’s important to make statements about society through my creations. While these film photos fall outside the spectrum of my career, I thought it was important to touch on commentary regarding nature and censorship.

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