Western Canada Fashion Week 2017

Western Canada Fashion Week has fostered the development of the fashion, art and design community for 13 years and 24 seasons. It hosts designers from around the world, connecting them with local photographers, models, and beauty experts. WCFW serves as an incubator for new talent, providing opportunities for novices to break into the world of fashion. It has been instrumental in launching the careers of designers such as Sid Neigum, Caitlin Power, and Jessica Halabi. As a proud Calgarian, Marisa P. Clark decided that WCFW would be the perfect place to debut her first runway collection.

This line is fun and youthful, featuring bold, colourful prints with a distinctly Asian-influence. This collection seems like another extension of the designer herself; both her Western and Asian roots shine through in the finished pieces. "I love to travel; to explore nature and deepen my understanding of other cultures," Marisa remarks. "This collection is a reflection of the places I've been and the people I've met."

Marisa lived in her mom's country of birth, Vietnam, when she was creating this collection. "Each piece is priceless," says Marisa. "I spent my days scouring fabric markets in Ho Chi Minh City, hand-selecting each fabric, notion and trim. When I look at my collection, I get this immense feeling of nostalgia. I've captured my experiences into something concrete."

Before pursuing a career in fashion, Marisa studied Political Science and Economic Policy so, to her, fashion is more than just clothes. "The way we dress is representational of history and culture. When women started wearing pants in the early 1970's in America it not a passive movement, it represented a shift in society and politics. Designing this collection was more than just a creative outlet, it was also a way to celebrate the strength of women around the world."        

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