Spring Forth and Plaid On


With the end of Easter weekend everybody starts to feel a change in the air. We collectively start to get restless as the summer months approach and we can finally state “It’s Spring!”. With this declaration the sun comes out, your mood goes up and your layers slowly start to become less and less. With the spring flowers starting to bud your closet becomes a place of new opportunity. You slowly dig out your spring and summer attire feeling liberated from your strictly winter clothing.


In celebration of the weather to come we decided to throw on our plaid skirts, or kilts if you will. We found these pieces bursting with nostalgia at a thrift store during our trip to Paris. The shop itself was called the Kilo Shop, which is quite literally what it is. Shoppers bustle around collecting and weighing clothing giving you its intended price. Our skirts were both under 8 euros; you can imagine how pleased we were.


Plaid has had a long cool history representing both preppy UK culture, think Princess Di, to punk counterculture rebellion. This dichotomy between preppy and punk continued into the 1990’s where plaid became a symbol of grunge culture, thank you Nirvana. However pop culture also continued with plaid and the character of Cher in the movie Clueless became a plaid style icon.  


The 2000’s has proved that plaid still exists in both pop and counterculture, Regina George anybody? So with such a stylish and absolutely diverse history we embraced our plaid skirts channeling both preppy and grunge elements.

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