Bow Down, the Queen of Festivals is Here

Everyone has that summertime feeling. The feeling of nostalgia that takes you back to the days when summer break was the highlight of your young life. The enthusiasm for this was uncanny, Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” captures this accurately. Those two sweet months felt like an eternity. Your days were filled with lackadaisical behaviour where you had no real responsibility until the Fall.    

However playgrounds and popsicles have been replaced by festival grounds and frosty beer, and let's be honest still popsicles, we will keep the popsicles.

Festival season is serious business. With hundreds of articles on which are the best festivals, how to avoid hangovers, what to do when your sunburnt and how to survive camping in the scorching heat. Where festival veterans wear their “badges” proudly by always having wipes, multiple pairs of sunglasses and a knowing smile when they see you in a somewhat precarious situation.  

The season is kicked off with Coachella. Many view this as the epitome of summer festivals. The event spans over two weekends with A-list attendees and star studded headliners, aka hello Beyonce! This festival is not only all about the music but very much about the festival fashion. With carefully curated outfits ranging from vintage finds to luxe brands. Festival fashion has become an entity on its own. It is a place where you can wear your more daring outfits, accessorize like crazy and lust after standing out. It is a chance to experiment with your clothing or wear that one specific item that seems just a little to bold for “real life”. Coachella has become the center for festival fashion and sets a precedent for the rest of the season. Naturally, we find this incredibly exciting.

As the festival has come to a close it truly did not disappoint. This past weekend was a blur of music, art, sunshine and summer style. Coachella was a festival to remember. With a jam packed schedule and incredible performances the experience was dizzying. As Daniel Caesar serenaded the crowd we looked up at a baby blue sky and palm trees. It truly was magic.   

With 38 degree weather it felt like survival of the fittest. The hot desert sun could be relentless and hydration was key, sangria counts right? Since coming from chillier weather it was an abrupt introduction into hot sunny weather. However this gave us the chance to pull out all of those summer looks we have been eagerly waiting to wear and mix it with some new summertime trends.  

Below are some photos of what we wore! 


Rebecca GrahamComment