Paris is Always a Good Idea

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Paris Fashion Week was a blur of European suave, wine, cheese and, of course, style.


The trip began in chaos, with Marisa arriving at the wrong address. Since I had arrived to Paris earlier in the day, I was able to contact our host and ultimately find the location. Unfortunately, Marisa was not so lucky.


As I waited for her to arrive, I picked up a call from a French number. The woman on the other end informed me Marisa had lost her phone and was waiting outside 107. I was conveniently at 157 and ended the phone call understanding that Marisa was lost and our new French friend had left her. I frantically ran down the street to see Marisa with two huge suitcases that she had abandoned in an effort to catch the cab and get her phone. Our reunion was dramatic and embodied the beginning of a Hollywood rom-com. However, I can confidently say the trip carried on in less of a cliche way (other than a picnic at the Eiffel Tower…).


Paris is a city of effortlessly cool people who mix both high fashion with incredible vintage finds.


Walking down the street is dizzying, with chic Parisian women in fur to incredibly on-point street style. The diversity of looks and individualism of the French energizes the city and creates a visual spectacle. With a number of different districts, or arrondissements, the city is packed with neighbourhoods that all have unique offerings and distinct vibes. By simply riding the metro your transported through a variety of styles. From the 1st district that is full of Louis Vuitton and haute couture to the 10th or 11th that emphasize vintage finds leaving you reeling to thrift.


We were not only inspired by the clothing but also the natural hair and fresh faced makeup. We found the look emphasized dewy skin and soft eye makeup with flowing hair that embraced its natural texture instead of fighting it.


The French have a way of embracing their own individualism with an ambition to simply enjoy everyday life. They are proud of their culture and interact with it each day. Whether it is a glass of wine or sitting by the seine, the ownership of the city is present. Parisians are proud and excited by where they live.


While travelling we engaged in this culture with lazy afternoons spent on cafe patios, strolling art galleries, hours of people watching and pleasantly indulging in French food. We both ultimately left feeling a little more Parisian then I think we expected to feel. I have to say, I am definitely not upset about that!

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