Behind the Seams: VFW Opening Gala

Vancouver Fashion Week kicked off on September 18th, 2017 with a preview of the sixteen designers showcasing this week, each bringing in one key look from their Spring/Summer 2018 collections. From Marisa's vibrant colourful floral patterns to grungy, black textured layers, the cross section was anything but standard; a indicator of the design talent present.

Marisa P. Clark's model wore a lemon print coat over a vibrantly patterned, pink pinafore dress which was layered on top of a periwinkle, floral print dress with an elegantly draped neckline. Marisa chose to mix pieces from her collection to show that while the pieces in her collection are bold, they can still be worn with one another.

Vancouver Fashion Week 2017 Designer Showcase

The first day of VFW was a whirlwind, but a lot of fun. That morning I met with a buying representative and started the process of getting my collection into stores. From the beginning, I could tell what a well organized organization VFW is.

That evening, "executive assistant" took over my Instagram stories and this is the footage he captured of myself (the designer), my model, Sofia, and the backstage crew. This was an important evening for the designers, because it was the first glance that media and buyers had at our collections. While it was a serious networking event, we all still had a great time.

Check out the video below if you want a good laugh:

The NYX makeup team and Redken hair team did an amazing job of creating this dreamy, mermaid inspired beauty look. Coral red lips, gold flaked freckles and long fishtail braids (courtesy of several rows of extensions) made Sophia look ready for both the runway and Coachella. 


VFW BTS 1.jpeg
VFW BTS 2.jpeg

After we got Sofia ready, we hit the runway where some of the biggest names in the fashion industry were present. 


VFW BTS 3.jpeg

Here we are hanging out with the Senior Style Editor for Cosmo Magazine. Yes, I had a beer in my hand while networking - it was very necessary with the pre-show anxiety I was experiencing. But hey - I still got featured on their Instagram stories!

VFW BTS 4.png
VFW BTS 5.jpeg

Viewing from the VIP section (which I wasn't allowed in on the actual night of my show...)

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