Travel Diaries: France, Spain & Switzerland

One of the perks of running my own online business is being able to work remotely and, therefore, travel! While I'm based in Calgary, I spend about a third of the year abroad, for both work (managing production, featuring collections in fashion weeks, trade shows, sourcing, and gathering inspiration) and pleasure (volunteering, exploring, and visiting loved ones). I am very fortunate and blessed, I know.

This July and August, I bumped around Switzerland (Zurich), France (Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz), and Spain (San Sebastian, Zarautz, and Bilbao). While it's not my first time in any of these countries, it was my first time in the region between Southwest France and Northern Spain, called the Basque Country. This area is known for its unique national culture, beautiful beaches, and incredible food. 

What I Saw

TD 1.jpeg
TD 2.jpeg

I'm a big advocate for gathering creative inspiration on vacation. One of my favourite places that I visited was the Balenciaga Museum. Such an inspirational place for aspiring fashion designers and clothes enthusiasts.

What I Wore

TD 3.jpeg

I was prepared for scorching hot weather but was surprised by abnormally rainy weather for this time of year. But, as a typical Canadian, I was not complaining. It was even a little on the hot side for me some days! You can see from my outfits that I dressed quite casually, adapting my limited wardrobe to the unpredictable weather patterns. 

What I Ate (and Drank!)

TD 4.jpeg

I created an additional collage for all of the amazing pintxos I tried in Spain. Pintxos are a Basque version of tapas. They are typically prepared ahead of time and available at most bars. You simply take a plate and they will charge you based on the number of toothpicks left. It is a miracle I didn't gain 1000 pounds! 

TD 5.jpeg

Thank you for reading and following along on this adventure. Comment below if you have ever been to the Basque Country or if you are considering it!

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